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Our First Anniversary…


Warin and I met online and after a little chitchat we thought we would give online dating a try. Even after we found out that we were over 8500 miles apart in two different parts of the world, we still wanted to keep going. Maybe it was impractical, but we hit it off, and she was thinking about moving to the US more and more. At that time she was working on an English teaching degree at a Thailand university, and I was finishing up a college degree in medical lab work. Being an English teacher was one of the driving reasons that helped her decide that moving to the US was something she was prepared for and would definitely help her get over the initial language barrier when moving here.

Anyway, here we are married and waiting for her immigration approval, so she can move. If you can imagine the problems newlyweds can have, imagine a long distance relationship in two different countries. The time apart was difficult at times, but we weren’t going to give up that easily!

In order to get an idea about how we see each other, as well as what we expect our lives will be like being married; we decided to make a Q and A style post for our first anniversary!

We made due with a lot of setbacks being married during the barrage of pandemic restrictions lol. Not to mention the lengthy immigration process itself, now lets talk about this marriage of ours and reflect on the past year.

Zaki Uddin
When did you feel that getting married was the right choice for us? 🧐
Warin Kaeohunok
I still remember the first time when we met on the Kik dating app. At that time, I just wanted to improve my English. Then the app matched us. We met at the beginning of the night, and had some small talks until dawn. Time flew so fast. I was glad to hear your stories. It was sad, fun, interesting at the same time. Our life had a similar story, but that was ok because that was just a past story that happened and became a memory.

After that day, we talked almost every day, and I became more and more happy with you.

We have similar interests, and it is easier for us to connect quickly. In October last year, you proved that what we had planned worked very well, and I was really happy while I spent a great time with you in Thailand.
Zaki Uddin
Being newlyweds, we're going to have a lot of disagreements. I won't be conceited enough to say I never make mistakes. So what can I do to make sure we have many more happy anniversaries? 😅
Warin Kaeohunok
It is common to get into disagreements for any couple. I know that we each have our own reasons. Whenever it happens, we just need to understand each other as fast as we can. For our anniversaries, I don't need anything special. I just hope you love me like the first day you do or maybe love me more and more every day.
Zaki Uddin
Since the year has been so uneventful due to the pandemic, what is the one thing you want to do to make our next anniversary more memorable? 🤩
Warin Kaeohunok
I want to go to the Koh Larn island where we visited last year to take some cool pictures and relive our good memories when we were there.
Zaki Uddin
Next year it'll be your firt time in the US, is there any cool tourist attraction you want to see when you arrive here? 🥳
Warin Kaeohunok
There are many fantastic places I want to visit. We both enjoy the beaches. Let's go to Hawaii! It looks peaceful and amazing. There is good atmosphere with natural surroundings and lots of nature, and clear water. We can go snorkeling and watch little lovely sea life underwater. I want to see the big whale and hear it roar once in my life. Eating pad krapow and extra kaidows on the beach and watching sunset together will be the greatest time ever.
Zaki Uddin
What will be the first recipe we cook together when you move to the US? 🤤
Warin Kaeohunok
I will make pad krapow seafood with an over-easy fried egg on top. Yellow creamy will make it look more yummy, and more spicy with 20 chilies.  ðŸŒ¶ Also, the smell of jasmine rice that spreads all over the house will make it more tasty too.
-Thais love spicy food and are great cooks.-

Well, those questions were fun! I can't wait until we actually get a chance to experience all these plans we're thinking about. But it's your turn Warin, Let's hear your questions! 😁

Would you believe me that a long-distance couple can do better than some couples who can see each other and live together. Love doesn't always depend on distance; it depends on how we picture our future.

Warin Kaeohunok
How did you feel when you saw me for the first time? 😍
Zaki Uddin
I was a little scared since we only texted for such a long time. But when you pulled up in front of the hotel, I was very relieved, lol. And you prepared a very warm welcome with your mother and friends. As well as the cool garland! Afterwards, I knew you were a good person and that we could move from messages to a real relationship!
Warin Kaeohunok
What about our relationship makes you really happy? 🥰
Zaki Uddin
There are many things! I like that we have a lot of fun doing almost anything together. Whether it's watching anime, playing video games or just enjoying each other's company, I feel better knowing it's with you.
Warin Kaeohunok
What scene in a movie has evoked the most feelings out of you? 🎞 ☺️
Zaki Uddin
I don't think I have a single movie that evoked anything significantly more than other movies. But if I had to choose something it would probably be anime lol; I think it would probably be Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World! My favorite scene is probably when Puck had to leave Emilia, so sad 😭
Warin Kaeohunok
How do think we could be better parents? 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Zaki Uddin
Think about it... If it's bad, do the opposite lol 🤣 No but seriously, there are so many things involved in parenting; I can't simply narrow it down to one thing, but I think planning early will be the single most effective approach to making sure our kids have a good childhood.
Warin Kaeohunok
How would you describe our relationship using only one sentence? 😋
Zaki Uddin
Like... eating unlimited Pad Krapowwww! 🍲

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